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Life Inc.

Building lasting partnerships with you

We are Life Inc because we make excellent financial planning accessible by incorporating life into financial planning and integrating financial planning into the lives of others. Money is not the objective. Money is the significant resource that gives us access to opportunities and options in life. By stewarding the resources we have through intelligent and meaningful ways unique to us, we can create more for ourselves with what we have. We have taken it upon ourselves to promote the importance of financial planning to help individuals and families achieve their long-term financial goals.

This is how we build lasting partnerships with you. This is what makes us Life Inc.

Founded in 2018, we are currently serving (and acquiring) more than 2,000 professionals, business owners and their families doing what we do best: financial planning.

We are very humbled to be the financial planner of choice to our clients.

Check out what some of our clients have to say about how we’ve served them on the advisors’ profiles!

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Our Team.

Meet the awesome team behind Life Inc.




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