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Corporate Wellness

Why settle for low staff morale when you have us as one of your resource to increase employee engagements? A highly educated and well equipped workforce is likely a more discerning one. Increase staff engagement through some of the initiatives that we have that may be aligned with some of the themes or celebrations within your organisations. Most of this are complimentary or at nominal costs to cater for the logistics involved.

Some of the successful engagements events we’ve held are:


  • Health talks by doctors

  • Health screening

  • Lunch-time talks at clients’ premises on financial planning or non-financial planning topics 

    • Financial planning topics can be aligned to the profile of your staff

      1. E.g. Financial planning 101 for young adults, Retirement income planning for a more mature audience etc

    • Non financial planning topics can range from health talks by doctors, parenting resource by early childhood professionals, feng shui by geomancers etc

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