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Personal Solutions

Protect, grow, and preserve: these are the different themes to a financial plan. We work with you to tailor the best fit for yourself, your family and your community with the comprehensive range of financial tools and products that we carry.

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Insurance Planning

Most of us plan to have a good time but it may be wise to have plans for when the bad times happen. How that can look like in the context of personal financial planning will be to inject liquidity, shore up our reserves and defray our expenses when the unexpected happens. These outcomes can be achieved through:

  • Medical insurances

  • Accident insurances

  • Critical Illness insurances

  • Disability Income and Long Term Care insurances

  • Life insurances

Wealth Planning

Long term financial goals are achieved through deliberate actions taken consistently, over a period of time. While we provide access to different wealth accumulation products, the value of our interaction lies in having a partner who will work to clarify your intentions and chart an action plan. Some of the wealth accumulation themes we work with you on are:

  • Retirement planning

  • Investment planning

  • Education fund planning

And we achieve these themes through our or our partners’ products:

  • Endowment plans/Savings plans

  • Life insurances

  • Collective investment schemes

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Estate Planning

How we empower the next generation into good stewards of resources depends on how we can be good stewards of our resources today. We protect and grow our resources. It makes sense to preserve it for our silver years to lead dignified and rich lives. We partner with legal and accounting professionals we trust to make this financial planning theme accessible. 

Products and services:

  • Will Writing

  • Trust Planning 

  • Lasting Power of Attorney

  • Advanced Care Planning 

  • Bookkeeping / accounting

General Insurance

A key part of wealth protection is to indemnify us of our liabilities and destruction of our assets. We partner more than 15 general insurance companies to offer the widest and most comprehensive general insurance solutions for you and your business

  • Motor Insurance 

  • Fire Insurance

  • Maid Insurance 

  • Travel Insurance 

  • And more

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